An Other's Mind
A space to share thoughts and scholarship about the effects of being viewed and treated as an "Other"      


Author, Luis Quiros (right) with John Carlos (left) and Dave Zirin (middle) at an Occupy Wall Street Teach-In in 2011.





1968 Olympics: Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise their fists in solidarity with Blacks experiencing oppression in the United States and in protest of the poverty rampant in communities of color (both stand barefoot as symbols of poverty).       







     Honoring the memory of Reynaldo Cuevas, a Latino bodega employee

shot by an NYPD officer as he ran out of the bodega where a robbery was taking place in August 2012.


Luis Quiros, M.P.A., M.S.W., author of An Other's Mind

Born of Puerto Rican blood, raised in the streets of West Harlem, Luis Quiros learned early in life the value of forming a strong partnership between “street smarts” and academic scholarship. Luis used this partnership and became passionate about exposing historical and sociological myths to combat the mindset embedded in society that has plagued and affected the life of the “Others”. Quiros has striven throughout his life--as a scholar, activist, community organizer, social commentator, educator and recent author--against the marginalization of himself and others. Remarkably, those who know him well will note that "Q," as he is affectionately known, balances very well the responsibilities of all those roles while never compromising his values in the pursuit of justice and self-righteousness. He has never forgotten his humble roots, has never strayed from those who are struggling and at risk; ever remaining a friend and tireless advocate for every person's right to his own dignity, humanity and hope for the future.

Quiros is a resident of Westchester, a professional community organizer and expert in the non-profit sector as well as an award-winning professor of sociology at Fordham University. You can get to know him better by listening to “Q’s Justice Unplugged” on WVOX 1460 AM every Monday from 6-7 PM.

Education and the right of every person to have access to it was instinctively something Luis Quiros pursued from a very early age.he values of a higher education and a conscious commitment to justice, which he continues to instill in his children, are ones he also instills in each of his students, in the same nurturing yet challenging manner which many can attest to. His students and every individual he has mentored throughout his life will say that "Q is real" and a professor that cares beyond the classroom. The classroom experience for a "Q" student is one that leaves a lifetime impact, a lasting friendship and one that has inspired many to dream bigger and make great things happen.

A classroom can be one where one is given new information to apply to a field of study but, one that also leaves you hungry for more knowledge and raises your consciousness is hard to find. Whether in the physical classroom or on the pages of his manuscript, Professor Quiros goes beyond teaching and he mentors, and in that role he transforms the learning environment into a "safe space," a home, and the students become a part of his family and are ultimately inspired to look introspectively for the passion he exudes. Entering a "Q" classroom is a journey that takes you to a place where hope is never absent, where critical thinking is always applicable and where your dreams are always attainable and you are in control of your destiny.












With the contingent from the South Bronx at the march to Free Oscar Lopez, Puerto Rican political prisoner, in July 2015.


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