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Topics and material presented on "Q's Justice Unplugged" are based on the scholarship and the narratives captured in my book, An Other's Mind (2011). For further reading, you can purchase my book here.

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Presenting An Other's Mind on Good Morning Westchester! With Bob Marone 

5/12/2011 (Introduction) & 5/19/2011 (Full Interview - starts minute 11:26)


All my projects are self-funded, much like the revolution, which will not be funded or televised on mainstream media. I self-published An Other's Mind (2011) to be able to provide the most accurate material and framing to the audience of "Others".

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2019 Dialogue

Weekly Guest Spot: 4/11/19 (start at 10:24) - Applying for Citizenship, What Do Rights For All Look Like?

Weekly Guest Spot: 4/4/19 (start at 11:45) - Distrust & Oppression For Puerto Ricans, Treated As Foreign

Weekly Guest Spot: 3/28/19 (start at 10:40) - Sanctuary Cities and The Right to Due Process

Weekly Guest Spot: 3/21/19 (start at 10:25) - The Push for Driver's Licenses for All in NYS

Weekly Guest Spot: 3/14/19 (start at 11:45) - The Hurdles to Success and The Traps for Latinos

Weekly Guest Spot: 3/7/19 (start at 10:20) - Public Schools, Criticism and Chaos - Refers to content of Episode 1 in 2016 below.

Weekly Guest Spot: 2/28/19 (start at 13:20) - Amazon Deal, Gentrification and Sovereignty

Weekly Guest Spot: 2/21/19 (start 14:20) - What is Growth vs. Development? Reflecting on Migration and the Border

Weekly Guest Spot: 2/14/19 (start at 13:00) Mamaroneck Schools, Historical & Persistent Racism, (discussed in An Other’s Mind, pg.168. and Justice Unplugged pg.166). Achievement Gap also discussed in Justice Unplugged pgs.103-104; 226-227.

Weekly Guest Spot: 2/7/19 (start at 11:33) - The New Puerto Rican Debt Referendum & Taxation Without Representation

Weekly Guest Spot: 1/31/19 (start at 23:30) - Who's Really American & What It Means for Immigration: Can The Others Speak?

Weekly Guest Spot: 1/24/19 (start at 11:35) - NYS DREAM Act and DACA - Leadership of Undocumented Youth & Political Action

Weekly Guest Spot: 1/17/19 (start at 13:00) - School Violence as a Symptom of Race, Class & Gender Dynamics

Weekly Guest Spot: 1/10/19 (start at 11:40) - Genesis of Border Problem is Historical

Weekly Guest Spot: 1/3/19 (start at 10:30) - Ocasio-Cortez & What the Shift in Strategy Will Be Post-Election and Holding Up Authenticity

2018 Dialogue

Weekly Guest Spot: 12/27/18 (start at 11:45) - Westchester and What Has Yet to Change

Weekly Guest Spot: 12/20/18 (start at 11:55) - The Border Debate More Than About Immigrants, The Deception and Consequences

Weekly Guest Spot: 12/13/18 (start at 23:50) - Class Structures and Lack of Democracy & Borders and Empathy

Weekly Guest Spot: 12/6/18 (start at 12:55) - Upheaval Over School Boards

Weekly Guest Spot: 11/29/18 (start at 12:55 & 20:01) - Sovereign Bonds, States' Economy Dropping, Taxation Without Representation

Weekly Guest Spot: 11/22/18 (start at 24:40) - Reflections on Thanksgiving and USA

Weekly Guest Spot: 11/15/18 (Part 1 start at 25:20 and Part 2 start at 10:35) - Borders, Colonialism, Migrant Caravan and How Human Rights Violations, Corporate Welfare All Connect

Weekly Guest Spot: 11/8/18 (start with news for context - 00:01 - 02:07 and Q's Justice starts at 11:35) - USA Lack of Philosophy and Humanity

Weekly Guest Spot: 11/1/18 (start at 00:10-02:00 for Antisemitism reflection and 13:30 for Luis Quiros) - Caravan and Birthright Policy Proposal

Weekly Guest Spot: 10/25/18 (start at 11:15) - Caravan & State of Panic/Lockdown

Weekly Guest Spot: 10/18/18 (start at 10:45) - Freedom and Migrant Caravan

Weekly Guest Spot: 10/11/18 (start at 11:40) - Cumulative Voting in Port Chester & Gerrymandering

Weekly Guest Spot: 10/4/18 (start at 13:12) - Brett Kavanaugh Appointment Process, Politics and Understanding Traumatic History

Weekly Guest Spot: 9/27/18 - Caller discussion of Brett Kavanaugh hearing for Supreme Court Justice (Part 1 start at 07:10) & Q's Justice comments about process and the forthcoming testimony by Dr. Christine Ford (Part 2 start at 12:10)

Weekly Guest Spot: 9/20/18 (start at 11:55) - Addressing Hurricane Maria on Anniversary & Parallels of Marshall Islands

Weekly Guest Spot: 9/13/18 (start at 06:00) - Primary Day and Politics vs. Democracy

Weekly Guest Spot: 9/6/18 (start at 11:45) - Educated Electorate and the Trump Symptoms

Weekly Guest Spot: 8/30/18 (start at 04:00) - Puerto Rican Imperialism/Opportunistic Political Fodder & Democratic Gubernatorial Debate & Reaction (start at 13:15).

Weekly Guest Spot: 8/23/18 (start at 06:05) - Scapegoating the Immigration Problem with Undocumented Criminalization & Rebuttal (start at 18:40)

Weekly Guest Spot: 8/9/18 (start at 07:15) - Citizenship and Immigration Policy

Weekly Guest Spot: 8/2/18 (start at 03:25) - Latino Representation & Public School Districts

Weekly Guest Spot: 7/26/18 (start at 06:42) - Moral Rigor and School Curriculum

Weekly Guest Spot: 7/19/18 (start 06:00) - The Failure of the Democratic Ideal and Structure

Weekly Guest Spot: 7/12/18 (start 06:50) - History and Colonialism, the Myth of Independence

Weekly Guest Spot: 7/5/18 (starts 09:20) - July 4th and the ICE/The Wall Debate

Weekly Guest Spot: 6/28/18 (starts 05:40) - The revolution shaping itself

Weekly Guest Spot: 6/21/18 (start at 05:50) – Trump’s Executive Order to separate children from parents, not new. Democratic Party inaction, includes Obama Years (cited in An Other's Mind, pgs.114-116) except for referring to Trayvon Martin in second term. Further reference in Justice Unplugged, pgs.83-84: Dr. Franklin’s view on Obama. Westchester democrats failure and the War on Poverty, pgs. 177, 220, and 235.

Weekly Guest Spot: 6/14/18 (start 05:30) - The problem with U.S. News College Ratings

Weekly Guest Spot: 6/7/18 (start at 06:52)

Weekly Guest Spot: 5/30/18 (start at 14:15) & Follow-up (start at 04:00)

Co-host on John Verni’s show, Stuck in the Middle 5/23/18 - Education & Profiling - Public schools, Boards and resulting violence. Student culture and learning. Crossing guard role and field observations - policing of communities, anecdotes compiled in Justice Unplugged (2020), pgs. 25-26. Comparison of experiences within private schools and discussion of the Harvard study analyzed in An Other's Mind (2011), pgs. 129-131.

Follow-up discussion 5/25/18 (start 13:53) - Additional testimony from WestCOP, Inc. discussed and analyzed with Guisela Marroquín, former Director of the Community Action Program in Mamaroneck. Conversation touches on how "eliminating poverty and leading to self-sufficiency" is political and a power struggle, leading to the exclusion of other communities, also in pgs. 279-282, An Other's Mind.

Weekly Guest Spot: 5/23/18 (start at 13:45) & Discussion Follow-up - Not-for-Profit complex. WestCOP, Inc. Mismanagement generally, use of stimulus money on bonuses and rent, Charities Bureau investigates. LQ speaks to poverty being eliminated. Not-for-profit "compliance empire" creating employment, negligent in raising private funds; provokes racism and tokenisms. An Other’s Mind Discussion of levels of service (LOS), Texaco case example pg. 38 & pgs. 220-225.  

Weekly Guest Spot: 5/16/18 (start at 13:30)

Weekly Guest Spot: 5/9/18 (start at 13:14) - Asylum & Caravans Continued

Weekly Guest Spot: 5/2/18 (start at 13:00) - Refugee Caravan USA & Mexico Relations

Weekly Guest Spot: 4/25/18 (start at 13:13) - Elections, Money & Corporations Go Wild & Democratic Experiment

Weekly Guest Spot: 4/18/18 Pt. 1 (start at 25:35) - Models and Experiments & Pt. 2 (start at 26:30) - Trump Winning as an Impetus to Awareness and Revolution

Weekly Guest Spot: 4/11/18 (start at 12:20)

Weekly Guest Spot 4/4/18 (start at 12:30)

Weekly Guest Spot: 3/28/18 (start at 12:15)

Weekly Guest Spot: 3/21/18 (start at 12:35)

Weekly Guest Spot: 3/14/18 (start at 11:00)

Weekly Guest Spot: 3/7/18 (start at 12:45)

Weekly Guest Spot: 

2/28/18 (start at 10:34) Minute 10:50: Gun crisis, historical product. More dialogue on capitalism and Citizen’s United needed. History neglected; Children’s Movement 1963 when Dr. King was arrested for organizing demonstration. Dislike of Black History month.

Reaction 2/28/18 (start at 7:45) From Political Science Professor from Iona. History of Youth movement. Guns, violence Minute 7:45 – 22:00. Change academia, electoral system; Public support for media instead of fake news. 

Weekly Guest Spot:

2/21/18 (start at 9:45): Program starts Parkland HS Florida shooting. Minute 9:45. Shootings. pg.76, An Other’s Mind, Columbine shooting as pattern vs. uniqueness. Mental health & gun control. Minute 14:00, Great Democracy & Freedom is a myth. USA on self-lockdown. Anarchy/revolution creates the critical changes. Trump issues are 700 years old.

Reaction 2/22/18 (start at 14:00): Demonized LQ, Puerto Rico, Inner city. Contradicted Mt. St. Michael shooting incident (prior to LQ), (pgs. 33-34, An Other’s Mind).

Guest Spot on Education Pathways: 3/1/18 (Part 1 & Part 2) - Importance of Mentorship & Defining Opportunity vs. Achievement Gap

Co-host on John Verni’s show, Stuck in the Middle: 2/14/18 - Mamaroneck discussion on Redistricting. “Overcrowding” versus LQ “Right to Learn”. Power structure/Demographics/View on the Others. Racism. Misunderstanding of what a Public School demands. Call ins 17:05 on citizenship and school voting. School Boards & Curriculum needs re-thinking. 


2017 Episodes

Episode 1: 1/27/17 - 1st of Trumps 100 days, (erred in saying Obama). LQ’s assessment of prior years’ political and economic predictions; Harlem. Hillary clever; walks between rain drops and does not get wet; Trump gets pneumonia [pages 208-9 JU]. Minute 9:00, Judge Carter’s (quoted page 147 in An Other’s Mind), White fragility. Minute 11:40, call in, right to fail, Naturalization Act of 1790. Minute 28:00 K. Marx, life; eating; drinking, housing. Access defines freedom / democracy a conversation. Not my Forefathers, i.e., Pursuit of Happiness. USA changes or perishes. Students in fear. Minute 34:00 Call ins. Freedom defined. Trump advantage. Electoral college / not evolution, a revolution.

Episode 2: 1/30/17

Episode 3: 2/6/17

Episode 4: 2/13/17

Episode 5: 2/20/17

Episode 6: 2/27/17

Episode 7: 3/6/17

Episode 8: 3/13/17

Episode 9: 3/20/17

Episode 10: 3/27/17

Episode 11: 4/3/17

Episode 12: 4/10/17

Episode 13: 4/17/17 - Co-hosted with Michael Eaddy. USA’s mental capacity on love and Others versus the elite; White Privilege. WVOX, “this is how we spin it”. Illegal people, LQ Freedom of Speech does not equate to incoherent dialogue. Chemical warfare; agent orange. New world order. Minute 10:15, Speech Noam Chomsky on World Order. USA for end of economic nationalism where resources belong to the people. Call in 27:00, Pro-Marxism; revolution in motion. Minute 33:00, M. Eaddy, affirmative action for White people. Call in, 51:30, anti-Trump.

Two days later, 4/19/17, callers make rebuttals to the show: Start at Minute 11:00: Suggestion to get Q’s Justice Unplugged, off the air.   

Episode 14: 4/24/17

Episode 15: 5/1/17

Episode 16: 5/8/17

Episode 17: 5/15/17

2016 Episodes

Episode 1: 12/28/15 - Van Morrison’s “What’s Wrong With This Picture”? Dedicated to Veteran / NYPD Officer Joseph Lemm and Lauren Spierer, University of Indiana student who never returned [page 109, Justice Unplugged]. Minute 9:30, predicted the new century’s demise due to surveillance, and race issues. Minute 13:30, public schools for the USA’s survival. Neglect of slavery, and need for young people to find something they would die for. Minute 23:00, Dr. Franklin 1953-1954 Brown case. Achievement Gap as opposed to an Opportunity Gap. 

Episode 2: 1/4/16 (part 1) & (part 2)

Episode 3: 1/11/16

Episode 4: 1/18/16

Episode 5: 1/25/16

Episode 6: 2/1/16

Episode 7: 2/8/16

Episode 8: 2/15/16

Episode 9: 2/22/16

Episode 10: 2/29/16

Episode 11: 3/7/16

Episode 12: 3/14/16

Episode 13: 3/21/16

Episode 14: 3/28/16

Episode 15: 4/4/16 (part 1) & 4/4/16 (part 2)

Episode 16: 4/11/16

Episode 17: 4/18/16

Episode 18: 4/25/16

Episode 19: 5/2/16 

Part 1 - Co-host Kristina Beach. Class topic, Race, Class, Gender attached to the election, and Hillary Clinton’s statement May 2, on men, “Off the Reservation”. Minute 5, Song by April Skidwell, a young women supporter for Bernie. Call for a, academic revolution and for the arts. Page 36 An Other’s Mind read. Black Lives matter. Decolonizing Public Space / citizenship. Call in 14:00, sustainability / planet. Minute 22, calls for police academic requirements, liberal arts. Ulrike Auga call in Minute 23:40, Radical Democracy and change. 

Part 2 - Call in 00:30, Change the norm. “Race Card” myth. 5:40, Mother Nature / Disaster. Revolution or else. Kerner Commission, pg.194, An Other’s Mind. War on Poverty. Hillary most dangerous candidate. Call in, Minute 16, Leisure time. Gender Card, war on women. Tresa Call in, Gerald Welsh’s sister. Gerald, MSW activist, alumni of Fordham, 2016. Died of COVID- 19, April 15, 2020; 24:15; “The streets”.

Episode 20: 5/9/16 - Unions; Contemporary Issues as a course are not as such. Support for Bernie Sanders. Co-host, Monica Fonseca, Jannette Spoor, Verizon strike, CWA local 1103 members. Minute 8:15, Speech by Emma Goldman, Anarchist for protecting people who suffer. Labor Unions, solidarity, leisure time, page 184 quoted from An Other’s Mind. Better wages, working conditions. Corporate Welfare,  protecting privilege, page 105. Call ins, 33:00. (including Tresa Welsh).

Episode 21: 5/16/16

Episode 22: 5/23/16

Episode 23: 5/30/16

Episode 24: 6/6/16

Episode 25: 6/13/16

Episode 26: 6/20/16

Episode 27: 6/27/16

Episode 28: 7/4/16

Episode 29: 7/11/16

Episode 30: 7/18/16

FEATURED HOST ON 7/25/16 & 8/1/16: Julian Quiros