An Other's Mind
A space to share thoughts and scholarship about the effects of being viewed and treated as an "Other"      
Testimony, Rebuttals & Opinions

(Luis Quiros with Dave Zirin & Tommie Smith)     (Luis Quiros at Workers Rights rally in Mamaroneck 2007)

Our communities are under attack daily, we must be alert and conscious. Here are some discussions of the issues and the framing that often leads to ineffective dialogue and allows for racism and all the -isms to prevail over our own voices.


6/10/19 Village of Mamaroneck Planning Session - A group of recently naturalized Latinos were introduced by the Village Mayor at the beginning of the meeting and told they were "new Americans, congratulations!" I testified to that concept and increased engagement of Latino residents in Boards that make decisions on Village operations, plans, design of capital improvement, etc.

4/17/19 Death of Toddler, Who Holds The Responsibility For 9-1-1 Response? (start at 10:55). Good Morning Westchester discussion on the case. Mental illness, culpability Dept. Social Service or Village Police. Court Order to remove child prior to death. Lawsuit by father pending. Justice Unplugged, pgs. 2-4, 22-26, 61-2, 98, 147, 160 – 162, 207, 224-5, 239, 243. An Other’s Mind, pg. 219.

12/21/18 Education Analysis and Government Aren't Working (start at 25:05)

11/5/18 Election Day Discussion - Lionel's Nation (Two Parts: start at 00:14 - 02:00 & 12:00 - 17:25)

9/11/18 Dialogue and Clips from 9/11/2001 - 17 Years Later (start at 10:30)

8/23/18 Discussion on Freedom vs. Lockdown on Hometown Hour (start at 05:03)

8/16/18 The Debate Over Language in the USA - English Only Mentality (start at 06:40)

7/19/18 Trump Results, Putin and the Summit in Helsnik Part 1 (start at 23:45) & Part 2 (beginning through 08:45)

7/16/18 Immigration and Family Separation Discussion with AJC (start at 08:45) and Immigration Lawyer (start at 22:30)

6/21/18 Harrison Live Show / Dennis Nardone - Themes - Anti-immigrant sentiments / protect borders / church sexual abuses. Start 05:35; USA at fault – i.e., United Fruit Company, Manifest Destiny; NAFTA, Monroe Doctrine; speaks to conditions causing Latin American exodus; Hybrid solution required with amnesty. Justice Unplugged pgs. xxx-xxxi, 235-236. Call-ins 19:40-25:20 secure borders; demonizing Q’s Justice Unplugged Monday program.

6/20/18 Discussion on the Black community in Westchester, in Mt. Vernon and in Harlem, NY (Part 1 & Part 2)

4/25/18 Elections and the Democratic Experiment Gone Wild, Citizen's United (start at 13:02)

3/22/18 Host Ernie Davis, three-time Mayor of Mount Vernon speaks to LQ, start at minute 22:02, LQ on the Black community; colonialism; social, structural and cultural stereotyping; Broken Windows policing and the USA's neglect of cotton as a builder of their empire status, racism and slavery's intentionality.

3/9/18 Debate on Con Ed crews dispatched to Puerto Rico and justification of slow storm recovery in Westchester (start at 13:15 and also 16:30).

2/2/18 Discussion on children, safety in classrooms and desire to learn (start at 6:45) - Quote from An Other’s Mind, and the year 2003, pg. 132. “Hispanics Do Not Want to Learn”. Teaching to tests vs. critical thinking. What’s going on in the classroom?

1/25/18 Discussion on recent New Rochelle violence Part 1 & Part 2

11/17/17 Guest appearance on "Stuck in the Middle" Part 1 & Part 2

9/26/17 Hour-long discussion on respecting the flag, patriotism, football players "taking the knee", and callers' satire on LQ and crossing guard position. LQ call in at minute 40:36.

6/12/17 Discussion on the Oscar Lopez appearance at the Puerto Rican Day Parade & the conditions in Puerto Rico (Part 1 start at 25:30 & Part 2 end at 07:07).

5/4/17 High Noon Program with Phil Risman & Mark Lungariello. Start at minute 10:45 thru end of show. Civil War and “American History,” knowledge in schools. Trump, Dred Scott decision, Supreme Court, Andrew Jackson. USA has not dealt with slavery / not taught. An Other’s Mind pgs. 228-9, 243-245. Poverty as strategy. Critique against LQ. Justice Unplugged, pgs. Introduction: xxvi, xxxiii, xlviii.

4/19/17 Opinions about Q's Justice being a racist show (starts at 11:00). Refer to Q's Justice Unpluggled Episode 13 dated 4/17/17.

4/19/17 Murray Richman Show: Criminal Defense attorney. Discussion on need for new World Order (start at 05:00). LQ comfort in not speaking to the choir. Slavery’s historical omission by White people. Cuevas case, Justice Unplugged, pgs. 140-141. LQ advocates revolution, policies towards Marxism / socialism.  

4/17/17 Opinions about Q's Justice being a racist show (starts at 08:15). Refer to Q's Justice Unpluggled Episode 13 dated 4/17/17.

4/17/17 WVOX Take on the Issues with Dr. Walter Lipow & Alison Lipow, Start at 4:25. Comment by Sean Spicer, “Hitler, didn't even sink to using chemical weapons," a remark that's been interpreted by many as denying the Nazis' genocide of Jews in extermination camps during World War II -- camps which Spicer referred to, bizarrely, as "Holocaust centers." LQ call in 25:58. An Other’s Mind, pgs. 199-200. 

4/14/2017 WVOX Politics & Your Health Bob Marrone & Dr. Victor Sternberg. Start at minute 12:30. USA about winning versus doing the righteousness. Never enough. LQ call-in at 17:23, USA with epidemic of mental illness, young people. Veteran suicides. Short-sidedness keeps us from being alert and conscious – neglecting the predictability a future flu virus killing hundreds and thousands of people. An Other’s Mind, pgs. 4, 46, 164, 219, 234.  Justice Unplugged, pgs. 2-4, 8, 13-14, 16, 39, 82, 115 - 116, 162, 207 - Social Separation, human experiments (Slaves, Guatemala).